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wire cap
wire cap
Roussel wire cap covers rise above.
So when you install custom wire cap covers for telecom cables, you can rely on our time-tested materials and craftmanship. Available in standard gauges of:
  • • Steel: Strength and security, pre-painted in 11 colours.
  • • Galvanized: Maximum protection against corrosion.
  • • Aluminum: Maintenance-free protection
Our aluminum will not rust or corrode and is pre-finished in your choice of 31 baked enamel colours to match any building exterior or interior.
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Computer controlled fit and finish. Roussel wire cap covers are fabricated on our advanced CNC machine— for a precise fit and clean finish. On-time delivery and custom fabrication. Our aluminum, steel, or galvanized covers can be delivered in 10’ lengths throughout the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe. The covers are neatly installed with concealed premium grade screw-in hanger brackets. Our shop can also customize wire cap covers to fit any design.
Seamless wire cap covers can be roll formed on site and attached with concealed premium grade screw-in hanger brackets.
It’s one thing to cover telecom wires—
only Roussel fabricates wire cap covers
that precision fit your any structure: inside or out.
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