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Gutter Protection

Over the last 25 years a variety of leaf guards have come to market. We have tried many leaf guard products that make unrealistic performance claims; in reality creating more work for homeowners. As an Alu-Rex ELITE INSTALLER, we use exclusively continuous hanger system by Alu-Rex which has no weak points.

T-Rex continuous hanger

The innovative, patented design of T-Rex ensures a clog free eavestrough. This system is backed by a lifetime warranty on material and structural damage caused by snow and ice, and a 40-year clog free warranty.
  • Prevents leaves and debris from clogging your Eavestrough
  • Eliminates sagging due to heavy ice and snow build up inside your Eavestrough
  • Strengthens Eavestrough to prevent damage from ice freeze/thaw cycle
  • Replaces standard spaced hanger brackets. T-Rex is a continuous hanger bracket that stands up to bending and twisting
  • Continuous design supports Eavestrough to prevent damage from ladders
  • Eliminates the hazardous task of cleaning Eavestrough

DoublePro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger

We are proud to offer you the latest technology: the DoublePro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger. This dual-action gutter guard is built to keep your new gutter free of ice and debris. The offset holes of the ECLIPSE technology make it the perfect filter, allowing water to drain freely while blocking pines needles and leaves. The double membrane is covered by the most extensive warranty on the market: a lifetime warranty on materials, durability and clog-free performance. The only warranty that covers pine areas.
  • Replace nails and spaced hanger while keeping gutters solidly in place
  • Stops ice and snow from getting into gutters
  • Lets water through during winter thaws
  • Blocks fine debris
  • UV barrier protects the sealant, eliminating corner leaks
  • Stops leaves and debris from collecting

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