Roussel Eavestrough

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Fabrication / CNC

Your precision designs deserve our custom fabrication.

Roussel CNC: Exceptional computer-controlled fit and finish. We custom fabricate aluminum for a comprehensive array of applications

  • Residential Roof flashing
  • Stucco
  • Windows and doors
  • Crown moulding
  • Hardy and cement board
  • Ledges and sills
  • Wire cap covers

Not seeing what you need?
We can fabricate your custom design out of most metals.
Just show us your design and we’ll bend over backwards to make it happen.

WIRE CAP COVERS Roussel wire cap covers are fabricated on our advanced CNC machine—for a precise fit and clean finish. The covers are neatly installed with concealed premium grade screw-in hanger brackets. Seamless wire cap covers can also be roll formed on site and attached with concealed premium grade screw-in hanger brackets. Available in standard gauges of steel, galvanized, and aluminum.