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PVC Trim & Mouldings

PVC Trim & Mouldings

If you have ever painted your home's exterior or hired a contractor, you know how time consuming and expensive the job can be. Most of the problems associated with natural wood are eliminated with Cellular PVC. It is a white resin material that is extremely durable, resistant to cupping, splitting, moisture, and insects. Available as trim, corner board, decorative mouldings and sheet goods. Trim products typically have a smooth surface or a textured surface that mimics a wood grain look. One of the many features of Cellular PVC is energy efficiency, the material insulates 60-70% better than wood and is a lasting solution for highly moisture sensitive areas like windows, doors and other exterior wood trim that can deteriorate.

If you have been putting off painting for awhile and are looking for a durable option to wood and high aesthetic value for years to come; look no further than PVC trim. Weigh the cost of repairs and painting wood every few years versus replacing your existing wood trim with a Cellular PVC product for a low maintenance beautiful finish.